Sterilization light

Holland Pulse Light, B.V

Holland Pulse Light has developed non-destructive thermal and food preservation techniques. Their technique is based on pulsed UV light, which eliminates issues related to food safety and food preservation. The machine generates an intense UV light flash for a fraction of a second on products which eliminate bacteria and spores. The flash results in the release of an enormous amount of energy (± 1,400 °C), for a fraction of a hundredth of a second, which breaks the skin protein, causing the DNA of the undesired (decay) microorganisms, pathogens, bacteria, yeasts, fungi and /or viruses to be broken down.

These techniques reduce or eliminate the need for chemical disinfectants as well as the addition of preservatives. As a result we extend shelf life and improve the quality of every product. Research has shown that, Listeria and Salmonella bacteria are reduced by 99.85% by the flash light technology. In addition, our technology does more than simply disinfect the food and packaging. Through germicidal operation we can reduce the number of allergens that occur naturally in foods.


compost substrate

Holland Plug International, B.V

Years of development and field testing has resulted in the first 100% compostable substrate for cultivation (seed, sting and tissue cultivated crops) for tray, soil and water cultivation. Their products are unique for their optimized moisture and air balance and are suitable for each cultivation phase. The agro & horticulture markets demands a cultivation base with an optimal air/water balance which can be controlled ensuring a regular growth of the roots across the soil or block. This requires an efficient distribution of air (pores), water and fertilizers which are environmentally sound and therefore requires an excellent control of the added fertilizers, the pH-value and usage of water without spillage.


ECA Sanitizing Water

Holland20, B.V.

Holland2O is Electro-chemically activated water. It is a safe and effective alternative to NaCl based processed water. The world’s most advanced ionized water system for growing fruits, vegetables, flowers, plants and trees, the result is larger and quicker harvests. Stronger plants absorb more minerals from ground, giving plants extra minerals and nutrients to ensuring the best results.



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